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I really enjoyed this list of multicenterian KSA. Aspirational. Heinlein certainly does have a way of distilling things down to basics. Expanding on his basics is a noble cause.

I'm about halfway through writing the life story of an artist who specializes in graphite and has experience in, and knowledge of: boat building, cooking, finance, celestial navigation, global logistics, industrial design, electro-mechanical design, audio engineering, anatomy, marketing, anaesthetics, adaptive optics, material science, crystallography, residential architecture and building, genetics and molecular biology, alternative architecture, graphic design, vulcanology, tectonic geophysics, printing, tropical agriculture, aeroponics, hydroponics, permaculture, norse mythology, mycology, astronomy, nuclear medicine and energy, medical imaging, Hawaiian history and legend, cosmology, quantum physics, song writing, polynesian wayfinding, board sports of all sorts, puppetry, clothing design, and lucid dreaming. Apparently, specialization was never a consideration. Neither was graduating.

"When you are doing something no one else has done before, you are the expert."

"Build structures in a personal architectural style"

Yes; this one designed a beautiful, net-positive home anyone can build with just one tool and only pictorial directions.

"frictionless connections betwixt concepts and ideas accumulated over the centuries."

What could be more fun than that? If decades can be this good, bring on the centuries!

Dakine Life. -Aloha

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Hi Kent, thanks for posting this and glad you enjoyed the list! You have the honorable designation of being the first person to leave a comment on Methuselah's Library, ha.

Wow, the person you are writing about sounds like an amazing individual...do you mind sharing their name? I would like to look up there work, if possible.

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Aloha. You caught me recounting my own path, so far. The only thing you are likely to find is a portfolio site from the 90's. dragontreestudios.com Just some of my drawings of people other people wanted to see, nothing there about anything else. Low profile + discretion = access. But I feel the world turning; this may change.

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It appears we may have a multimodal master in our midst! And by the way, the artwork is fantastic.

Nice to have met you in cyberspace, and it's a privilege to have you as a reader.

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